Halloween Town - 2018 - Under Water Palace

The Under Water Palace is located North East of Moongate. Inside the Under Water Palace there's several monsters to kill and 1 Halloween Boss! In order to enter the Under Water Palace, you have to Double Left Click on Rock multiple time! Here's the list of all Rocks you gonna have to click:

Path for 2018:
- South
- East
- South
- West
- North
- East

UOSteam Macro:

Starting location to click 1st Rock (2017):

When we have Double Left Click on each Rocks, we can walk on the Sparkles to enter the Under Water Palace!

To Exit the Under Water Palace, walk on the Sparkles on the Top Stairs!
- image of "Exit from the Middle" -

There's another Exit on the North Wall, walk on the Top of the Stone Stairs!

Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship is a special ship that give the access to 1 Halloween Boss: Britomartis! In order to have the access you have to kill "a Killer Dolphin" to receive a "Net of Britomartis"!

Note: There's only 7x spawn of Killer Dolphin!

Note: Get the Loot Right on Killer Dolphin to have a chance to receive directly in your Character Backpack the Net of Britomartis!

When we receive the the Net of Britomartis, we only have 1 hour to use it! With the Net of Britomartis we can enter the Ghost Ship but in order to walk the ship board we have to be Dead!

When we cross the ship board while in Dead Form and having the Net of Britomartis inside our Character Backpack, we can Double Left Click on the Ghost Ship Wheel to enter the secret room!

In this room you can go out of the ship and walk West to exit this location or East to enter the Britomartis Room!

At the Britomartis Room we can reach the middle room for a Bank!

And go to the South Door to Resurrect our self!

East Room is where the Britomartis spawn! North is the Exit!

Monsters in the Under Water Palace:
- a Sea Serpent
- a Deep Sea Serpent
- a Kraken
- a Shimmering Bullfrog
- a Snake
- a Glowing Bullfrog
- A Ghostly Sailor
- A Ghostly Pirate
- a Killer Dolphin (Only available when Britomartis is alive and there's around 7-8 of them)

Item by killing monsters in that area:
- ?
- Endless Decanter Of Water
- Mounted Pixie
- A Message in a Bottle
- A Section of an Obsidian Statue
- A Halloween Pumpkin