Halloween Town - 2018 - NPC Town

The NPC Town is located in the Main Area, West to the Moongate. There's several monsters to fight, mainly the Crazed Villager! There's also a Monster Sticks in the North West Farm! We can find the many houses, several farms, the Event Healers Within, the Transformation Machine, 1 farm that spawn Pumpkins, the A Suspicious Looking Crack and the Sleeping Tincture!

Event Healers Within

The Event Healers Within is where you Resurrect your Character! It can also Resurrect Pet's! Also, it auto teleport Dead Character inside the Basement.

Transformation Machine

The Transformation Machine will Transform your Character into different graphic with the use of a Halloween Pumpkin!

Pumpkin's Farm

The Pumpkin's Farm is where you can Pick Up from ground Pumpkins and they will respawn. There's change to see Carved Pumpkin.

Carved Pumpkin

A Suspicious Looking Crack

The A Suspicious Looking Crack allow to enter the Sewer! It's located inside the House (toilet) South in NPC Town

Note: When coming close to the building, a system message will say:
The smell of the old, abandoned outhouse is nauseating... however, if you listen close, you hear sounds beneath your feet.

To enter the Sewer, you have to go inside the House (toilet) and Double Left Click on the A Suspicious Looking Crack:

Sleeping Tincture

The Sleeping Tincture allow to enter the Dreamy Sleepy! It's located inside the Dreamy Sleepy Nighty Snoozy Snooze Inn West in NPC Town

To enter the Dreamy Sleepy, you have to go inside the Inn and Double Left Click on one of the 3 Sleeping Tincture:

Monsters in the NPC Town:
- Crazed Farmer
- Crazed Blacksmith
- Crazed Villager
- Crazed Shopkeeper
- Monster Sticks

Item by killing monsters in that area:
- ?
- Crystallized Essence
- Halloween Pumpkin