Halloween Town - 2018 - Main Area

The Main Area the 1st map we can see when entering into the Halloween Town by the Moongate in the Festival Ground! 3x Halloween Boss: A Pumpkin Lord, A Customed Orc Champion and Peinsluth! There's also many other area to discover like the NPC Town, Church, Orc Camp, Rock Pyramid, Sewer, Lake, Crypt, Elf Tree House, Solen Hole and Felucca Gauntlet. There's also 2x Ghost in a Limbo: Yellow and Red!

To go out of Halloween Town, use the Moongate!

Recall is available!

Monsters in the Main Area:
- a Giant Spider
- a Giant Rat
- a Skeleton
- a Snake
- a Wraith
- a Zombie
- a Orc Brute
- a Orc Scout
- a Orcish Lord
- a Orc Bomber
- a Raging Grizzly Bear
- Ancient Lich
- an Acid Elemental
- a Minotaur
- a Dire Wolf
- a Plague Beast
- a Mongbat
- a Giant Toad
- a Corrosive Slime
- ...

Item by killing monsters in that area:
- ?
- Sleeping Hamster
- Crystallized Essence
- Halloween Pumpkin