Halloween Town - 2018 - Clawser's Lair

The Clawser's Lair is located in the Elf Tree House by Double Left Click on A Nest of Blue Eggs. 2x Halloween Boss: Clawser and Clawser Jr!

To enter the West End Room, from the entry, walk on the Lightning Strike Sparkle! The Ground Tiles can make our Character to go back on the Gate if we walk on wrong Tiles. Also the Lightning Strike Sparkle can change location, but eventually the path will allow to enter the West End Room!

Clawser's Lair Clawser and Clawser Jr Room

To exit the Clawser's Lair area use the Gate!

Monsters in the Clawser's Lair:
- a scared bluebird
- a crane
- a rooster
- A Vampire Parrot

Item by killing monsters in that area:
- ?
- Egg Bomb
- Brightly Colored Eggs (random color)
- Talisman (random)
- A Halloween Pumpkin