Halloween Town - 2018 - Basement of Desert

The Basement of Desert is accessing by going to the Desert, walk to the far East of Desert, near the end there's a North path, use the Down Stairs to enter the Basement of Desert!

At this place you can find the Halloween Boss Araneam and A Ghost in Limbo (Blue) and Up Stairs for the Champion Spawn Area.

It's Located at the far far North East side you will find several Stairs!

Magic Symbols Path

Walk on the Magic Symbols Tiles in Red Circle to progress in the room!

Halloween Boss Araneam Room


Double Left Click on the Coffin (open) to pass through the wall!

Gravestone (Exit)

Double Left Click on the In Memory Of You (Gravestone) to pass through the wall!

Monsters in the Basement of Desert:
- a Dread Spider (Black)
- a Giant Spider (Black) [2 version]

Item by killing monsters in that area:
- ?
- a Section of an Obsidian Statue
- Halloween Pumpkin