Halloween Town - 2018 - A Mortician's Request

The NPC Quest Giver - Ophelia the Mortician offer the Quest - A Mortician's Request! She is located in the Main Area, inside the Church!

When you find her, Double Left Click on her to open the Quest Gump.

Quest - A Mortician's Request
Dear traveller, welcome. Please stay a while. The dead are not going anywhere...

Nay? Perhaps I can interest thee in a matter of employment?

I require a certain ingredient for my alchemical studies. I would be willing to trade for my latest discovery, an item effecting stable polymorphy. What dost thou say?

Obtain 5 Crystallized Essence

Halloween costume

What To Do:
Ophelia request to obtain 5x Crystallized Essence! Go kill any Monster/Animal in the Main Area of Halloween Town, or inside Bosses Loot Corpses! Drop directly into your Character Backpack!

When you have all the 5x Crystallized Essence, Single Left Click on your Character -> Click Toggle Quest Item -> Target 5x Crystallized Essence. (they will change color to orange)
Go back talk to Ophelia, Double Left Click on Ophelia the Mortician to deliver 5x Crystallized Essence -> Click Continue in the Gump Quest - A Mortician's Request to collect your reward!

List of Costume 2018:
- Zombie - Common
- Skeleton - Common
- Bloody Sash - Uncommon
- Orc Sandals - Uncommon
- Wolf Spider - Uncommon
- Mongbat - Uncommon
- Cyclops - Rare
- Dream Wraith - Rare
- Ethereal Warrior - Rare
- Fire Elemental - Rare
- Bloodworm - Rare

List of Costume in UODemise:
- Skeleton
- Gazer
- Bloodworm
- Shadow Wyrm
- Dream Wraith
- Centaur
- Cyclops
- Drake
- Ethereal Warrior
- Exodus Minion
- Fire Elemental
- Giant Pixie
- Giant Toad
- Gore Fiend
- Lady of the Snow
- Maddening Horror
- Minotaur
- Mongbat
- Oni
- Ophidian Matriarch
- Ophidian Warrior
- Pixie
- Satyr
- Skittering Hopper
- Solen Warrior
- Terathan Warrior
- Titan
- Void Wanderer
- Wisp
- Wolf Spider
- Zombie
- Big Majik Flippers - Orc Form
- Bloody Sash - Werewolf Form

* Bold mean I see them in UODemise by myself or by other Players.

UOSteam Script - A Mortician's Request

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