Halloween Town - 2017 - Rock Pyramid

The Rock Pyramid is located in the Main Area, South East of the Moongate. 1x Halloween Boss: Peinsluth!

There's 4 floors in the Rock Pyramid and it's like a little maze! In order to access to 1x Halloween Boss: Peinsluth, from the entry of the Rock Pyramid take the East Side path!

When you reach the room of the Ghost in a Limbo (Red) on the North West wall there's a Secret Door! To open it stand close to the Secret Door!

When you pass the Secret Door, continue to walk until you reach the Wooden Stairs for the 2nd floors and then right away reach the 2nd Wooden Stairs for the 3td floors and then you gonna see a Moongate that give the access to the Peinsluth Room!

Monsters in the Rock Pyramid:
- Ancient Lich
- a succubus
- an acid elemental
- a poison elemental
- a minotaur

Item by killing monsters in that area:
- ?
- An Harpsichord Roll (random - 15 different)
- Crystallized Essence
- Halloween Pumpkin