Christmas Town - 2018 - Special Champion Spawn

The Special Champion Spawn is located by entering the Santa Claws house from the Main Area and using the A Snowy Scene Of The North Pole.

In the Special Champion Spawn area, we can find the Special Champion Spawn - Santa Claws.

A Snowy Scene Of The North Pole

- Double Left Click on the "A Snowy Scene Of The North Pole":

(In Santa Claws Home)

Each Champion Altar are Random between: Barracoon, Mephitis, Neira, Rikktor, Semidar and Special Christmas Town*

*Special Christmas Town Altar
Level 1 = a Ice Snake, a Frost Spider
Level 2 = a Deadly Snow Bunny, a Ice Elemental
Level 3 = a Ice Field, a Snow Elemental
Level 4 = a White Wyrm, an Artic Ogre Lord
Champion Boss = Santa Claws

Item by killing monsters in that area:
- ?
- Candle Tray (random color)

- Harpsichord Roll (random)