Christmas Town - 2018 - Main Area

The Main Area the 1st map we can see when entering into the Christmas Town by the Moongate in the Festival Ground! 2x Christmas Boss: Santa Claws and The Grinch! There's also many other area to discover like the Fictional Wardrobe, Inside Christmas Gift Box, Cemetery, Christmas Carol Street, Special Champion Spawn and Felucca Area.

To go out of Christmas Town, use the Moongate!

Monsters in the Main Area:
- a Christmas ferret
- a deadly snow bunny
- a coal elemental
- a brainwashed reindeer
- Savage Snow Squirrel
- a Dark Elf
- a Crazed Overworked Elf
- an Elf
- ...

Item by killing monsters in that area:
- ?
- Bulk Order Cover (random) [Only on Elf that cast Chivalry Spell]
- Gingerbread Cookie
- Wrapped Candy
- Green Candy Cane
- Red Candy Cane