Christmas Town - 2018 - Christmas Carol Street

The Christmas Carol Street is located by entering the A Christmas Carol from the Main Area.

In the Christmas Carol Street area, we can find the 3 Area: Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3! Each Act Area have a Christmas Boss. However, the Act 1 to 3 Books are not present with the beginning of Christmas Town! They appear with the progression of the opening!

A Christmas Carol

- Double Left Click on the book "A Christmas Carol":

Christmas Carol Street Act Book Table

The Act Book Table is located inside the house named: "Ebenezer Scrooge" on the 2nd floor at the East Wall. It's the house where we enter from the Main Area!

Christmas Carol Street Exit

To exit the Christmas Carol Street area, walk between the 2 houses:

Monsters in the Main Area:
- a ghoul
- a wraith

Item by killing monsters in that area:
- ?