Christmas Town - 2018 - A Dishonest Guard

The Quest Giver - Gregor the Dishonest Guard, is located on the South-West in Felucca Area, just after the passage between rock.

When you find him, Double Left Click on him to open the Quest Gump.

Quest - A Dishonest Guard
Passage beyond this point is strictly forbidden. Don't even think about thinking about it!

Alright, alright, twist my arm! Perhaps I can open the gate and sneak you in, but I want something in return.

What, you've never paid a bribe before? From the look of you I don't believe that...

Obtain 1 Snow Cone

Passage beyond the wall

What To Do:
Gregor the Dishonest Guard request to obtain 1x Snow Cone! It can be Found inside the Loot of the Monster An Abominably-Built Snowman! They are located in the Felucca Area! However, the Snow Cone is a Cursed Item and have a Lifespan of 1 Hour!

When you have all the 1x Snow Cone, Single Left Click on your Character -> Click Toggle Quest Item -> Target 1x Snow Cone. (it will change color to orange)
Go back talk to Gregor the Dishonest Guard, Double Left Click on Gregor the Dishonest Guard to deliver 1x Snow Cone -> Click Continue in the Gump Quest - A Dishonest Guard to collect your reward! Your Character will teleport over the wall!