Christmas Town - 2017 - Snow Castle

The Snow Castle is located by entering the Fictional Wardrobe from the Main Area and using the North Entry by walking North.

In the Snow Castle area, we can find the Christmas Boss - Maugrim and the entrance for the Area - Snow Castle Basement.

Fictional Wardrobe

- Double Left Click on the "Fictional Wardrobe":

- Run North at the end of the room and step on:

- Run South-West of the map to walk up on the Hidden Stairs, when you are near them they will reveal: (left to AS-LAN the Sphynx)

- Double Left Click on the "White Witches Sacrificial Dagger":

- Maugrim Castle Room spawn here:

Monsters in the Main Area:
- a snow leopard
- A Winter Reaper
- a snow elemental
- a lady of the snow
- a white wolf
- a polar bear
- a frost troll

Item by killing monsters in that area:
- Gingerbread Cookie
- Wrapped Candy
- ?