Christmas Town - 2017 - Jack Frost

The Jack Frost is one of the Christmas Town Boss located in the Jack Frost Lair! However, it need the Key: Key To Jack Frost's Lair to enter the Lair. The Key is obtained by doing the Quest - A Lesson To Be Learned given by the NPC Quest Giver: Frau Holle the Mother of Frost, is located in the Main Area on the West Wall inside the South-West House.


He's located at the Jack Frost Lair!


- ?
- Worn Smelly Socks With A Hole In The Toe
- Gold Rain

How to fight Jack Frost

- Complete the Quest - A Lesson To Be Learned to obtain the Key To Jack Frost's Lair:

- If you have the Key To Jack Frost's Lair, Step on the Mysterious Rift:

- Run South-East of the map to the intersection on the street, Jack Frost Room spawn here: