Christmas Town - 2017 - Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man is one of the Christmas Town Boss located in Felucca Area in by the Magical Cookbook, Written By Mad Mage Kronos at the Little Old Women house in the Main Area!


He's located at the Felucca Area!


- ?
- Fire Earring
- Fountain of Life
- Granny's Cookbook
- LToT (random)
- ML Arty (random)
- Gold Rain

- Fire Earring (Since Server War of 24 Dec)
- Poison Earring (Not sure if it's still available since Server War of 24 Dec)
- Armor Engraving Tool
- ML Arty (random)
- LToT (random)
- Gold Rain

- Earring (random resist) 2% [So far he give Physical & Fire Resist, now it change for Poison and Energy]
- ML Arty (random)

How to fight Gingerbread Man

- From the Main Area, go to the West Wall and enter inside the Little Old Women house:

- Double Left Click on the "Magical Cookbook, Written By Mad Mage Kronos":

WARNING: By entering the Gingerbread Man Area, PVP is allowed!

The Gingerbread Man spawn in the Felucca Area, it doesn't spawn at the house where we need to complete 1 of the 2 Quests! Instead, it's the Cookie Dough! By killing the Cookie Dough, it will spawn the Gingerbread Man in the Felucca Area! Just South of the 1st Sparkle!