Item Community Collections Britain Library Library Talisman - My Book

The Library Talisman - My Book is a Community Collections from the Britain Library like a Talisman. The were introduced with the Mondain's Legacy Expansion. It's a kind of equipment that use the Talisman Slot from the Character Paperdoll.

There's a 2% chance to appear with the Item Mods Blessed!
Inscription Bonus can be between 11% to 30%
Inscription Exceptional Bonus can be between 11% to 30%

Library Talisman - My Book
Inscription Exceptional Bonus: ##%
Inscription Bonus: ##%
Intelligence Bonus 5
Mana Increase 2


Any Representative!

Britain Library Point

550,000 Points

Donation Items

If you decide to give Board with the Representative Artist, it will require 550,000 Boards!

Price Check Library Talisman - My Book

+/- 350k