Item Artifact ML Totem of the Void

The Totem of the Void is a ML Artifact like a Talisman. There's a possibility that the Mod Owned by Nobody appear! It exist 67 different Protection! It have a hidden Mods, when you Double Left Click on the Totem of the Void, it can Summon a Random Creature!

Totem of the Void
Weight: 1 Stone
Random Protection
Hit Point Regeneration 2
Lower Mana Cost 10%


- By killing any Named Monsters or in the Corpse Loot of any Peerlesses!

Price Check Totem of the Void

+/- 100k
High End Protection +/- 2kk
Owned by Nobody +/- 2kk
Owned by Nobody with High End Protection +/- 5kk