Ninjitsu Spell Surprise Attack

Surprise Attack
- Spell Description -


Require to be in Stealth Mode to use Surprise Attack! When Active become into Surprise Attack Mode: on your next Hit your Character will inflict a Surprise Attack on he's opponent. Your opponent will receive a Defense Chance Increase Penalty for the next 8 seconds! The Defense Chance Increase Penalty is base on your Character Skill Ninjitsu and the distance you have tracked your target! Maximum Tracking Bonus = 20. However, after performing Surprise Attack, your Character will not be able to enter into Stealth Mode for 5 seconds!

Minimum Requirements for Casting

Note: Need 60 Ninjitsu!

Mana Cost

Lower Mana Cost0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%
Mana Cost201918171615141312
Note: Need 20 Mana! Mana Cost is not a decimal number, ex: 3.8 = 3, 3.2 = 3!

Casting Delay

Faster Casting-6-5-4-3-2-1012
Casting Second(s)000000000
Note: Under Magery Protection Spell Effect -2 Faster Casting, Under Spellweaving Essence of Wind Spell Effect -6 Faster Casting!


Defense Chance Increase Penalty:
TrackingBonus = Min(TrackingDistance, 10 + (Tracking / 10)) TrackingBonus Min/Max = 0/20

Penalty = Ninjitsu / 6 + TrackingBonus
Penalty Min/Max = 16/40