Ninjitsu Spell Mirror Image

Mirror Image
- Spell Description -


Summon a Clone of your Character into the world with 1 HP. Each Image count 1 to the Character Followers, max 5 Mirror Images! Clone only Follow their owners! They help avoiding incoming attack. Higher is your Ninjitsu give more chance to transfer enemies attack on your Clone. Need to be at least 4 Tiles way from Enemy! Duration 30 to 60 Seconds.

Minimum Requirements for Casting

Note: Need 20 Ninjitsu!

Mana Cost

Lower Mana Cost0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%
Mana Cost109.598.587.576.56
Note: Need 10 Mana! Mana Cost is not a decimal number, ex: 3.8 = 3, 3.2 = 3!

Casting Delay

Faster Casting-6-5-4-3-2-1012
Casting Second(s)32.752.502.2521.751.51.251
Note: Under Magery Protection Spell Effect -2 Faster Casting, Under Spellweaving Essence of Wind Spell Effect -6 Faster Casting!


Duration = 30 + Ninjitsu / 4

Chance Transfer Attack on Clone:
if (Ninjitsu / 150) > Random