Ninjitsu Spell Ki Attack

Ki Attack
- Spell Description -


When Active become into Ki Attack Mode: your Character must Hit he's opponent before 2 seconds. Between these 2 seconds, you must move the more you can before it expire! Higher the distance traveled, the more Damage Increase Ki Attack will receive. Cannot work while in Stealth Mode and only with Melee Weapon.

Minimum Requirements for Casting

Note: Need 80 Ninjitsu!

Mana Cost

Lower Mana Cost0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%
Mana Cost2523.7522.521.252018.7517.516.2515
Note: Need 25 Mana! Mana Cost is not a decimal number, ex: 3.8 = 3, 3.2 = 3!

Casting Delay

Faster Casting-6-5-4-3-2-1012
Casting Second(s)000000000
Note: Under Magery Protection Spell Effect -2 Faster Casting, Under Spellweaving Essence of Wind Spell Effect -6 Faster Casting!


Damage Increase:
DeltaX = Initial X Position - On Hit X Position
DeltaY = Initial Y Position - On Hit Y Position
Damage Increase = Sqrt((DeltaX * DeltaX) + (DeltaY * DeltaY))
If Damage Increase > 20
Damage Increase = 20