Classic Quest - Naturalist

The Classic Quest - Naturalist will allow your Character to obtain a Rare Color Seed between 3 different Color: Aqua, Magenta or Pink by checking the 4 Solen Nest for local town Naturalist! It's possible to obtain 3 other Rare Color Seed between 3 different Color: Black, Fire or White by doing an additional Solen Nest!

Required Items

Only if you are planning to check the Secret Solen Nest!
- 1 Green Thorn - You can find them by gardening Bright Green Barrel Cacti or Bright Green Snake Plant.

Start the Classic Quest - Naturalist

Go talk to any NPC Naturalist in town! I normally go talk to Finlay the Naturalist located in Trammel facet at Britain city, south-east of the bank.
When you find him, Single Left Click on him and choose the option Talk to open the Quest Offer Gump and take the Quest - Study of the Solen Hive by checking I accept! and clicking on OKAY.

Quest - Study of the Solen Hive
The Naturalist looks up from his notes, regarding you with a hopeful look in his eyes.

Um..yes..excuse me. I was wondering if you could offer me a bit of assistance. You see, I'm a naturalist of some repute - a gentleman and a scholar if you will - primarily interested in the study of insects and arachnids. While I've written a few interesting books on the marvelous Terathan race and their bizarre culture, now I've heard tales of a truly significant new discovery!

Apparently a race of ant-like creatures known as the Solen have appeared in our world, scuttling up from some previously hidden home. Can you believe it? Truly these are amazing times! To a scholar such as myself this is indeed an exciting opportunity.

That said, while I may be a genius of some reknown, sharp as a tack and quick with the quill, I'm afraid I'm not much of the adventuring type. Though I have gained assistance before, I still have many unanswered questions.

I am particularly interested in the Solen Egg Nests that are studiously protected by the Solen workers. If you would be so kind as to assist me, I would ask that you travel into the Solen Hive and inspect each of the Solen Egg Nests that reside within. You will have to spend some time examining each Nest before you have gathered enough information. Once you are done, report back to me and I will reward you as best as I can for your valiant efforts!

Will you accept my offer?

Ah! This is splendid news! Each time an assistant travels into the Solen Hive to gather information for me, I feel as if I am one step closer to some grand discovery. Though I felt the same way when I was certain that Terathans had the ability to change their shape to resemble various fruits and vegetables - a point on which I am certain further study of the beasts will prove correct.

In any case, I cannot thank you enough! Please return to me when you have studied all the Solen Egg Nests hidden within the Solen Hive.

Find an entrance to the Solen Hive, and search within for the Solen Egg Nests. Each Nest must be studied for some time without a break in concentration in order to gather useful information.

Once you have completed your study of the Nests, return to the Naturalist who gave you this task.

Depending on how many Solen Nest you Study:
1x Rare Color Seed between 3 different Color: Aqua, Magenta or Pink
1x Rare Color Seed between 3 different Color: Black, Fire or White

What To Do:
NPC Naturalist request is to study 4 or 5 Solen Nest. You can find them in Trammel or Felucca facet at the Solen Hive! I normally enter it by the Public Gate - Minoc.