Character Item Mods Weight

Weight is one of the Item Mods. It determined for each Item in the game the Weight they have in Stone! Every Item have a different Weight!

Character Weight

Any Character have the same Weight: 14 Stones!

Character Max Weight Formula

The default Max Weight is based on 40 + the amount of Character Strength Stat! Also, the Human Race have the Racial Ability: Strong Back, that increase the Max Weight by 60!

MaxWeight = (((Race == Human) ? 100 : 40 ) + (int)(3.5 * Strength))


A container can carry up to 400 Stones! But if locked down/secure in a house, it can have no limit to carry item stone!
The Character Backpack can carry up to 550 Stone!

Weight Availability

Weight can be find on:
- All Items!

Note: Spellbooks doesn't show any Weight, but they Weight 1 Stone!