Character, Item Mods, Uses Remaining

Uses Remaining is one of the Item Mods. It describe the number of charge an Item have left! Crafting Tools when reach 0 Uses Remaining will be destroyed from the world! Some Item will remain at 0 Uses Remaining and will not be destroyed!

Uses Remaining Availability

Uses Remaining can be find on:
- Crafting Tools

List of Item with Uses Remaining

- All Crafting Tools
- All Insctrument
- A Gargoyle's Pickaxe
- Amulet of Righteousness
- Bag of Sending
- Dread Flute
- Food Engraving Tool
- Fukiya
- Fukiya Darts
- Hammer of Hephaestus
- Jacob's Pickaxe
- Leather Container Engraving Tool
- Leather Ninja Belt
- Metal Container Engraving Tool
- All Pigments of Tokuno
- Prospector's Tool
- Shuriken
- Spellbook Engraving Tool
- Sturdy Pickaxe
- Weapon Engraving Tool
- Wooden Container Engraving Tool