Character Item Mods Use Best Weapon Skill

Use Best Weapon Skill is one of the Weapon Mods. It allow to use the higher Character Weapon Skill between Fencing, Mace Fighting and Swordsmanship instead of the Skill Requirement on the weapon! Archery and Wrestling are not include in Use Best Weapon Skill! Can still perform Weapon Ability on Use Best Weapon Skill if the Character have all Skills Requirement!

Ex: A Katana with Use Best Weapon Skill on, the Character have 120 Fencing, a Katana have as Skill Requirement Swordsmanship, because the Katana have Use Best Weapon Skill, the Character when fighting will use he's Fencing Skill to determined the Hit Chance or Defense Chance!

Use Best Weapon Skill Availability

Use Best Weapon Skill can be find on:
- Weapon (Looted or Crafted only Fencing, Mace Fighting and Swordsmanship Weapons, Several Artifact and 1 Recipe Item)

List of Item with Use Best Weapon Skill

- Blackthorn's Kryss - Museum of Vesper Replica
- Blade Dance
- Blade of the Righteous
- Calm [Replica]
- Captain Quacklebushs Cutlass
- Flesh Ripper
- Geoffrey's Axe - Museum of Vesper Replica
- Leafblade of Ease
- Luna Lance
- Pacify [Replica]
- Pixie Swatter
- Quell [Replica]
- Royal Guard Survival Knife [Replica]
- Subdue [Replica]
- Sword of Justice - Museum of Vesper Replica
- Talon Bite
- The Dragon Slayer
- The Holy Sword