Character Item Mods Poison Resist

Poison Resist is one of the 5 Character Resistance that any can raise to a maximum of 70. It help reduce damage versus Poison Damage.

Poison Resist Availability

Poison Resit can be find on:
- Armor
- Weapon
- Jewels
- Shield

Poison Resist Maximum

The maximum amount of Poison Resist is capped to 70 when calculating damage we receive, there's no limit cap. You can have more then 70 and if you receive a Debuff the calculation is base on your total amount of Poison Resist minus the Debuff you receive.

Poison Resist Damage

Poison Damage can be perform by any Weapon that have an amount of Poison Damage Percentage.

There's several Spell that do Poison Damage:
- Poison (Magery Spell)
- Poison Field (Magery Spell)
- Consecrate Weapon (Chivalry Spell)
- Poison Strike (Necromancy Spell)
- Strangle (Necromancy Spell)