Character, Item Mods, Owned By

Owned By is one of the Talisman Mods. It allow to have a Blessed Talisman for only 1 Character! When Owned By appear on a new Talisman, it will be Owned By Nobody! As soon as you Equip the Talisman on 1 Character it will Bond that Talisman and change the Nobody for the Character Name! It will now be write: "Owned By Spok", so the Character Spok will have this Talisman Blessed for him! It allow to keep the Talisman into the Character Backpack when Dying! It's like the Insurance Menu System, but it doesn't cost any money to keep it! Owned By "Character Name" Talisman cannot be stolen by the Stealing Skill! Owned By "Character Name" Talisman cannot be Insured!

Owned By Availability

Owned By can be find on:
- Talisman (Looted and Several Artifact)

List of Item with Owned By

- Bloodwood Spirit
- Library Talisman - A Grammar of Orchish (Summoner)
- Library Talisman - A Primer on Arms
- Library Talisman - Birds of Britannia Random Summoner
- Library Talisman - My Book
- Library Talisman - Talking to Wisps
- Library Talisman - The Life of a Traveling Minstrel
- Library Talisman - Treatise on Alchemy
- Totem of the Void