Character Item Mods Night Sight

Night Sight is one of the Character Mods. It allow to see the world all the time in Day Light! It's considered as a none wanted Mods, because with UO Steam or UO Razor, there's an option filter to enable Night Sight! Night Sight have the same effect of Magery Spell Night Sight and the Alchemy Potion Night Sight!

Night Sight Availability

Night Sight can be find on:
- Armor (Looted or Crafted, Several Artifact)
- Jewels (Looted or Crafted)
- Weapon (Looted or Crafted, Several Artifact and 1 Recipe Item)

List of Item with Night Sight

- Acolyte Armor Set
- Arcane Shield
- Blight Gripped Longbow
- Brightsight Lenses
- Cold Forged Blade
- Darkwood Armor Set
- Dread Pirate Hat
- Folded Steel Reading Glasses
- Gloves of the Sun
- Hunter's Headdress
- Luminous Rune Blade
- Lyrical Reading Glasses
- Maritime Reading Glasses
- Monstrous Interred Grizzle Armor Set
- Myrmidon Armor Set
- Paladin Armor Set
- Phantom Staff
- Polar Bear Mask
- The Night Reaper
- Tunic of Fire
- True Radiant Scimitar