Character Item Mods Mage Weapon

Mage Weapon is one of the Weapon Mods with a maximum to -20. It allow on a weapon to switch the Original Weapon Skill to use instead the Magery Skill as the Weapon Skill! When hitting your opponent with a Mage Weapon equipped, it will check for the Character Magery Skill as the Chance to Hit! Mage Weapon doesn't allow to use Weapon Ability it really need the Original Weapon Skill! Casting Spell require to have both Hands Free, having a Mage Weapon will un-equip any Weapon the Character have and will make the Character vulnerable because it become on the Defensive Skill with Wrestling, having a Mage Weapon combined with Spell Channeling will allow to use as Attacking/Defensive Skill the Magery Skill on the Character and as well Cast any Spell without been weapon free! It's possible to increase the Magery Skill back with Jewels!

Ex: A Bokuto with Mage Weapon -20 and the Character Magery Skill at 120 will give 100 Magery(120-20) but having equip the Crystalline Ring who have +20 Magery will end up with 120 Magery(120-20+20)!

Mage Weapon Availability

Mage Weapon can be find on:
- Weapon (Looted or Crafted, Several Artifact and 1 Recipe Item)

Mage Weapon Maximum

The maximum amount of Mage Weapon is capped to -20! There's some Artifact that have -0! It's possible to raise back Magery Skill with other Items!

List of Item with Mage Weapon

- Ember Staff - -20
- Glacial Staff - -20 or -25
- Runesabre - -29
- Staff of Power - -15
- Staff of the Magi - 0
- Swords of Prosperity - 0