Character Item Mods Mage Armor

Mage Armor is one of the Armor Mods but only on available on non-medable armor, like Platemail, Chainmail, Ringmail, Bone Armor, Studded and Dragon Armor. It allow to make a non-medable Armor to become a Medable! Medable allow to Regenerate Mana with the Character Skill Meditation, if there's 1 piece of equipment that is not a Medable Armor, instead, it will use the Character Skill Focus! Meditation gain more mana then Focus! It also remove the armor penalty on Stealth Armor Rating!

Mage Armor Availability

Mage Armor can be find on:
- Armor (Looted or Crafted and Several Artifact)

Note: If Crafted in Exceptional Quality the:
- Platemail Samurai Armor
- Small Platemail Jingasa
- Light Platemail Jingasa
- Heavy Platemail Jingasa
will receive as Free Mods Mage Armor!

List of Item with Mage Armor

- Ancient Samurai Do
- Ancient Samurai Helm
- Armor of Fortune
- Daimyo's Helm
- Fey Leggings
- Gladiator's Collar [Replica]
- Heart of the Lion
- Helm of Swiftness
- Legs of Stability
- Mage Armor Set
- Midnight Bracers
- Monstrous Interred Grizzle Armor Set
- Royal Leggings of Embers
- Rune Beetle Carapace
- Shroud of Deceit [Replica]
- The Inquisitor's Resolution
- Violet Courage