Character Item Mods Hit Cold Area

Hit Cold Area is one of the Weapon Mods with a maximum to 50%. It do Area Cold Damage to any available opponents within 4 tiles around the original target! The more damage you do to the original target, the more damage the area attack will do! The Character Mods: Damage Increase, Slayer on Weapon, Honor/Perfection, Anatomy and Tactics Skills raise the original Damage (anything that raise Damage) help to increase the Hit Area Damage! The Damage is Scaled with the distance between the original target and any next opponent withing 4 tiles! Available on Melee and Range Weapons!

Hit Cold Area Availability

Hit Cold Area can be find on:
- Weapon (Looted or Crafted 2 to 50%)

Hit Cold Area Maximum

The maximum amount of Hit Cold Area is capped to 50!

Distance Damage Scalar

scalar = (11 - from.GetDistanceToSqrt( m )) / 10
if(scalar > 1.0)
scalar = 1.0
else if(scalar < 0.0)

1 Tile = Scalar 1
2 Tiles = Scalar 0.9
3 Tiles = Scalar 0.8
4 Tiles = Scalar 0.7

List of Item with Hit Cold Area

- None