Character Item Mods Faster Cast Recovery

Faster Cast Recovery is one of the Character Attribute that any can raise to a maximum of 6. It help reduce the cool down time (recovery delay) after using any Spell!

Faster Cast Recovery Availability

Faster Cast Recovery can be find on:
- Armor (Few Artifact)
- Jewels (Looted Jewels to 1 to 3, few Artifact)
- Shield (Several Artifact)
- Spellbook (Crafted Spellbook 1 to 2, few Artifact)
- Weapon (Few Artifact)

Faster Cast Recovery Maximum

The maximum amount of Faster Cast Recovery is capped to 6 when calculating casting recovery after a Spell we launch, there's no limit cap. You can have more then 6 and if you receive a Debuff the calculation is base on your total amount of Faster Cast Recovery minus the Debuff you receive.

List of Item with Faster Cast Recovery

- Chaos Shield - Museum of Vesper Replica - 2
- Helm of Swiftness - 2
- Legacy of the Dread Lord - 3
- Ornament of the Magician - 3
- Pilfered Dancer Fans - 2
- Ring of the Savant - 1
- Scrapper's Compendium - 1
- Staff of Power - 2
- The Inquisitor's Resolution - 3