Character Item Mods Elves Only

Elves Only is one of the Item Mods. It give a restriction on certain Armor or Cloth to be only equipped on Character with the Race Elf! There's 1 Pet with Elves Only, the Cu Sidhe! It exists a item Pad of the Cu Sidhe that allow Human to mount them! But only Elf can tame Cu Sidhe!

Elves Only Availability

Elves Only can be find on:
- Armor (Looted or Crafted Hide, Leaf or Woodland, Several Artifact)
- Cloth (1 Artifact)

List of Item with Elves Only

- Circlet
- Fey Leggings (It exist a Human Version)
- Gemmed Circlet
- Helm of Swiftness (It exist a Human Version)
- Hide Armor
- Leaf Armor
- Raven Helm
- Robe of the Equinox (It exist a Human Version)
- Vulture Helm
- Winged Helm
- Woodland Armor