Character Item Mods Durability

Durability is one of the Items Attribute that can be found on every Armors, Cloths, Shields and Weapons. It determined the number of durability the item have before it break! It have 2 amount: a Current Durability and Maximum Durability. Both can have a maximum of 255!

- Armors, Cloths and Shields can lose Durability when being Hits by other opponents!
- Weapons can lose Durability when Hits other opponents!

Durability Availability

Durability can be find on:
- Armor
- Cloth
- Shield
- Weapon

Durability Maximum

The maximum amount of Durability is capped to 255!


When an Armors, Shields or Weapons reach 0/255 of Durability, the next lose of Durability will start writing over the head of your Character: "Your equipment is severely damaged." and the Maximum Durability will lose 1 point 0/254. When it reach in both Current and Maximum Durability 0/0, the item is Broken/Destroy from the world, cannot get back that item anymore!


Repairing any Armors, Cloths, Shields or Weapons can be done by many Skills:

- Blacksmithy can repair: all type of Metal Armors, Metal Shields and Metal Weapons.

- Bowcraft/Fletching can repair: all type of Bows.

- Carpentry can repair: all type of Woodland Armors, Wooden Shields and Wood Weapons.

- Tailoring can repair: all type of Leather Armors, Studded Armors, Bones Armors and Cloths.

- Tinkering can repair: all type of Glasses, and Tinker Weapons.

Note: Repairing can sometime remove 1 Maximum Durability, failing the repair will remove 1!

It exist the Item Mods - Self Repair, that can raise the Current Durability by 2!

Repair Contract

The Item Repair Contract can be made by any Craft Skill by using the Repair Button and Target a Blank Scroll!

Repair Contract can be only use inside the Shop of the Type of Repair Contract!

Powder of Fortifying

The Item Powder of Fortifying raise either the Current Durability and the Maximum Durability by 10. Cannot exceed the 255! Cannot use Powder of Fortifying on Replica Items!