Character Item Mods Damage Increase

Damage Increase is one of the Character Attribute that any can raise to a maximum of 100. It help increase damage deal by any weapons/ranges versus opponent.

Damage Increase Availability

Damage Increase can be find on:
- Armor (Crafted with Carpentry by using the Wood Heartwood and several Artifacts)
- Weapon (Looted Weapon 1 to 40%, Crafting: Arms Lore Skill add +2% each 20 Skill Points, +10% at GM Arms Lore and Crafting Exceptional Mark give +40% for a total of 50%)
- Jewels (Looted Jewels 1 to 25%, Crafting Artifact Essence Of Battle have 30%)
- Item (Grapes of Wrath give 35% for several seconds and it cannot exceed the 100% from Items)

Damage Increase Maximum

The maximum amount of Damage Increase is capped to 100 when calculating damage we give!